I offer a range of tuition for entrance to senior schools in Devon and worldwide.

State Grammar Schools Entrance Examinations

In addition to verbal reasoning, 11+ examinations test reading comprehension and directed writing.

Sample areas covered:


Reading with understanding

Vocabulary extension

Spotting and selecting relevant material

Inference and deduction

Developing full written answers


Developing a structured response


Sentence structure


Audience awareness

Narrative, Argumentative and Descriptive writing 

Grammar questions using cloze or multiple choice tests

Independent School Entry

Independent schools set their own entrance tests and what is required is likely to reflect the demands of a particular English Department. However, at 11+ these are roughly comparable with selective state schools requiring a syllabus similar to the one outlined above.


Examinations at 13+ are taken by those wishing to go to English boarding or Public Schools, however, some 12+/13+ papers are taken by late entrants for grammar or 11+ entry independent schools. 13+ scholarship exams frequently include questions on sophisticated passages from poetry and prose.


Parents wishing to enter their children for the examinations mentioned on this page would be advised to allow sufficient preparation time - typically twelve to eighteen months - and to encourage the reading habit. I can supply suitable reading lists.

Practice Papers

It is important that pupils take timed practice papers as the exam approaches. I will supply, mark and offer feedback on these.