I am actively involved in the teaching and examining of a range of GCE level qualifications. I have been an assistant examiner for Cambridge International Examinations International A Level and Singapore A Level and a moderator for OCR coursework. I also assess work for the Cambridge Pre-U as well as marking the extended essay component of the International Baccalaureate.

The courses I examine cover English literature. However, IB extended essays address a range of literary and language based topics and I have also taught an AQA combined lit/lang course as well as the WJEC and AQA A Levels in English Language.

Sixth form students benefit from tuition with:   

Excellent subject knowledge

First hand experience of the examination system

Insight into the best work at this level

Understanding of a range of courses

As appropriate to the syllabus, my teaching is likely to address the following issues:

Close reading and understanding

Considerations of Form, Structure and Language in relation to meaning

The formation of a sophisticated response to exam questions

Detailed comparisons between texts

Discussion of relevant literary contexts

Analysis of written and spoken language and language change

Writing quality responses to exam questions with homework and feedback

Advice on the preparation and writing of coursework

Tuition in Exeter or online for A Level, International Baccalaureate and Pre-U students