Technology now makes it possible to teach students anywhere in the UK and across the world. 

In recent years I have worked with students in the USA, China, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates as well as at long distance in the UK. Given the audiovisual quality of an application such as Skype, it is possible to conduct lessons with pupils in the comfort of their own home.

Online tuition advantages for UK Students

Some parents prefer their children to have traditional face to face lessons. However, for older pupils and some younger ones well-versed in the use of technology, lessons via the internet are not a problem. Indeed, they may be an advantage.

Busy parents with competing demands of work and family are relieved of the need to ferry their children to the tutor. They save time and money driving. Meanwhile, learning takes place at a mutually convenient time in the comfort of the home. Furthermore, those unable to find a suitable tutor in their local area only need the presence a good internet connection to access one.

Online teaching advantages for Overseas Students

Many overseas students take GCSE and A Level exams in English following a similar curriculum to those in the UK. Under these circumstances, it may be an advantage to take lessons from a UK teacher.

Furthermore, those planning to come to the UK to study, either at boarding schools or universities can benefit greatly from UK based advice before making an application, being interviewed or taking entrance tests. 

Format of Online Lessons   

Apart from the technical interface, online lessons do not differ markedly from ones which take place in person. Once a time is agreed, a video call replaces the trip to the tutor. Parents are free to listen in and are encouraged to monitor progress. Work is sent via email. When completed, it is marked and returned the same way. Online feedback is given to parents via a combination of conference call, and email.

The pupils and parents I’ve worked with have found the internet a successful and convenient means to access tuition. All forms of learning outlined on this website can be delivered that way.   

Specialist online tutor for International English Students