Since 2013, those not gaining a C in GCSE English and Maths have been required to re-sit the subjects in the sixth form. Given a second attempt and with greater maturity and application, many candidates are successful. However, as a pass in English is mandatory for many higher education courses, it is worth putting in extra work to increase the chances of a favourable outcome.

I have taken school sixth form retake classes and am familiar with a range of exam boards. My students complete weekly homework and, as an examiner, I am able to mark, grade and offer feedback on answers relative to the syllabus. In addition, individual teaching means specific. weaknesses can be targeted.

Most resits are taken in November, although some college courses run the full academic year. Those retaking the subject at either sitting would be advised to allow sufficient time in order to make the necessary improvements, especially if the margin between pass and fail was significant at the first attempt.

For those looking to resit the subject at the end of the autumn term, tuition started promptly in late August or early September offers the best likelihood of a better grade.