My work in connection with post 18 education takes a number of forms:

Completing UCAS Personal Statements

Many students struggle to write a personal statement for their university application. As few offers are based on personal interview, the statement is an opportunity for students to say why they want to study a course and why they’d make a great student.

As a former sixth form tutor with responsibility for CVs, mock interviews and personal statements, I have first hand experience of helping students plan and prepare personal applications of this kind.

Oxbridge applications

Over the years I have taught a number of students for scholarship entrance. Oxbridge exams and interviews are designed to tease out truly academic students who are passionate about their chosen subject. Students should be working beyond A Level. They need to demonstrate wider, independent reading of a discriminating nature. Their approach should be exceptionally insightful, something that is evident in interview and written tests of unseen material. Obviously, preparation is essential.

Help with Letters of Application and CVs

As with university, the presentation of an application in the form of a letter and CV is an important first contact with an employer.

Support for Undergraduates and Postgraduates

I have worked with university students, both post and undergraduate. Although some come to me for advice regarding literature, the majority seek help with study skills and essay writing.

Adult Education English Tuition

Some of my pupils are adults returning to education or seeking to improve their English for a variety of purposes. Many of the skills mentioned on this page and others on this website may be applicable. Please contact me if there is an aspect of English that you would like to improve and that you think I may be able to help with.

Stephen McConnell: tuition and support for post 18 education