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“Stephen McConnell is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever met. Both of my children (now aged 18 and 16) made fabulous progress with him at GCSE and A level, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Stephen is a highly experienced teacher who knows his subject inside out. He quickly developed an excellent rapport with each of my children and they thoroughly enjoyed his lessons. Stephen’s lessons were always thoroughly planned and personally tailored to my children’s individual needs. He was able to adapt his teaching to their respective learning styles, which ensured that they each obtained optimal benefit from every lesson.

Stephen’s manner is absolutely lovely and he is kind and encouraging. My son and daughter both grew enormously in confidence over the four years that they worked with him. A fabulous, gifted and highly experienced teacher with a lovely manner. I would recommend him unreservedly. ” – EH

“The major benefits from my son’s time with Stephen were helping him to break down into bite size pieces the various prose and poetry texts and really think about the context and meaning of the words. His organisation and work layout improved greatly and this in turn helped with concentration.

The homework set for him each week mirrored what had been taught and was a good rehearsal factor. Above all, Stephen’s encouragement and patience together with his background within the educational system was a huge factor in Hamish getting an A in his English language and is a fabulous testament to Stephen’s guidance and his ability to motivate Hamish.” – M G Exeter

英语文学对留学生来说是一项极大的挑战 – 不常见的英语单词和古诗词般的英语表达让初来乍到的我摸不着头脑。一次偶然与McConnell老师的相遇奠定了我在GCSE文学学术上的成功。老师通常会让课文化繁为简,并会对每个重点进行深度剖析。也许你的英文并不是出类拔萃,但学习英语文学更看重学生自己的独特的见解,而不是对语法无谓的咬文嚼字。和Stephen老师学习的时光不但会让学生的文学嗅觉得到显著的提升,英语功底也会得到相应的进步。- MM,Shanghai

“When our daughter, Jane, began learning with Mr McConnell, she had only just started taking an interest in longer books. Mr McConnell greatly expanded her reading horizon, introducing her to novels and poetry with more challenging vocabulary and which required Jane to come to grips with a wide range of different styles of literature, often depicting eras and settings she was not at all familiar with. This has been an incredibly enriching experience for her and has really launched her on the path of being a curious and engaged reader. 
At the same time, Mr McConnell’s approach to preparation for reading and writing exams has always been thorough and exacting. Mr McConnell has high expectations for Jane and is always determined to see her perform at her best. Jane grew up bilingually with both Chinese and English, so it has been a challenge for her to develop the ability to express herself well in both. However, under Mr McConnell’s guidance, she has steadily improved her command of written English and now has a strong grasp of much more sophisticated sentence structure and vocabulary. This has not only helped her in exams, but has been commented on by teachers at school. 
In short, Stephen McConnell has had a transformative effect on Jane and, as parents, we are immensely grateful to him.” – DS & CY Shanghai/Beijing

“I have worked with Stephen McConnell for several years on various assessments of A Level work in English Literature from the UK and abroad. He has a keen sympathy for students and their work, but is also rigorous, with a detailed understanding of what examiners and moderators are looking for in successful answers.” – NJ Cassidy,  Principal Assessor for UK and international examination boards

“Stephen supported our son with English lessons throughout years five and six (KS2). Stephen’s knowledgable and encouraging teaching style gave our son the skills he needed to gain good Sats results. In addition to this, with his new confidence in both writing and comprehension skills our son passed the 11+ exam and gained entry into Torquay Boys Grammar School, where he is progressing well.” – A D Exeter

“Stephen provided a number of tutorial sessions [via Skype] for my son in the run up to his A Level English and History examinations.  He prepared interesting discussions and other exercises which focused his mind on the key points in the subject material as well as providing invaluable advice on exam technique.  Stephen is a gifted communicator and an inspiring teacher with a genuine enthusiasm for his subject(s).  I recommend him without hesitation to other students and parents.” – SH Cambridge